Truth vs Authority

There are those who think:

  1. Truth is authority

There are those who think:

  1. Authority is the truth

1, those who think truth is authority, usually have a strong sense of right and wrong. They can disagree with government mandates and often prefer flat, open forum, structures where they each have more say and control over there lives. Some are simply loners, avoiding societal dictums and constraints.

2. who think authority is the truth, generally do not question government dictates and are happy be part of and to live in top down organisational structures where the higher ups make the majority of decisions regarding their lives.

Anarchists advocate for option 1.

Dictators are fully invested in option 2

Most of us fall on a spectrum somewhere in between according to our own sense and sensibility’s.

(I think we all can agree some government is necessary for peaceful coexistence.

Maintenance of property rights for example)

But where does Jesus stand on this issue?

Let us consider the facts.

God is truth Psalms:85-11

Jesus is Gods representative on earth and our teacher, therefore is the truth & authority.

Jesus speaks with authority; John:5-27, 8-32, 14-6

Jesus, when answering Satan, he always with ‘It is written‘ quoting scripture to Satan and so dismissing him. begone vile tempter!

So Jesus as a man, being tempted with earthly thing,s used the words of scripture to dismiss Satan.


Jesus, being God/Man is both truth and authority fulfilling all human structures.

Jesus, and only Jesus, can fulfil both criteria, truth and authority.

When you adhere to scripture, and the teachings of Jesus Christ you are aligning yourself with the greatest universal power, the truth and will live under his authority.

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