Global Reset

Activism is something that has existed throughout history. Now that we have the Internet it has grown from a fringe activity to a mainstream activity, and one that is rapidly gaining ground. People are looking for fundamental changes, and real solutions to our problems.

The corporate profit motive paradigm has failed and needs to be replaced. We now understand that Profit creates Deficit. The days of man exploiting man must end.

Corporations explore every means possible to distance themselves from the deficits they create through legal processes which they also create and lobby into being. They also have created secret governments, these operate away from public scrutiny and above any oversight. Much is unseen but the results are blindingly obvious. Hurricanes, Typhoons, flooding, land slides, sink holes, Oil spills, forest fires, bonuses for failing bankers, and more profits for the mega rich. If you still are in denial please continue.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


People are waking up to the reality that the profit/deficit paradigm is an unbalanced destructive approach to managing the resources and health of the planet. Fresh, new, realistic approaches are needed and indeed are being studied and developed in response to this dilema.

The situation is quite serious and there are some actions we need to take immediately:

  • Stop environmental destruction
  • End poverty globally
  • Begin a massive campaign to repair the planet.
  • Create a financial system that serves these objectives.

I would love to hear any views you may have on how to implement these essential objectives

Some ideas:

Stop environmental destruction

  • Stop burning fossil fuels
  • Invest in new energy technology
  • Take all energy corporations/companies out of the private sector and place them under control of the people, nationally and globally
  • Compel the US government patent office to release all energy technologies held under patents so they can enter the public domain
  • Take the best scientific advice to find the best solutions in mapping a path leading to zero carbon production
  • Insert your ideas here

Many governance models are available to be rolled out with a minimum of disruption. They should fill some basic criteria:

  • Transparency. All issues and decision processes monitored, discussed and reflected upon by decision makers, journalists and the public alike.
  • No financial rewards to policy makers in any form other than the wage they get for the job. Lobbying by vested interests banned in all areas and severely  punished.
  • Insert your ideas here

Nations will not have to pay tax/interest to central banks

Hooray! far more wealth will stay where it is created. National tax burdens will fall further as global policy is directed to peaceful resolution of disputes. A global ban on attack weapons would be a no brainer. Only missile systems will be allowed to maintain existing boarders, if indeed the need is felt. Once the war mongerers have been dealt with disputes will become a rare thing as we will enter a golden age of humanity. It is also important to note that a shift in perspective will be needed to make this transition, Simply put, humanity, I believe, will shift from a ME outlook to a WE outlook. ME2WE. We know where selfishness and greed lead us, we now have the tangible advantage of hind sight! We will teach our children well, so they can live in harmony with themselves, their community and their environment. This is all possible, in fact it takes a lot of effort to get people to fight each other! The whole Media promotion of psychotic behaviors machine pumping out violence, sex, other, greed, hate… a diet designed to goad people into an ignorant rage! The atmosphere created by the mass media is insane but profitable! Yet all people really want is to live in peace! To share, give, love, care, support, laugh together, these are the qualities that we need. Governments prefer wars, it solidifies their position and creates opportunities to expand their reach! It all very simple when you boil it down!

  • Stop environmental destruction
  • End poverty globally
  • Begin a massive campaign to repair the planet.
  • Create a financial system that serves these objectives.

Bang this drum till the world wakes up!

We only have this chance! If this were just another war for profit situation. (see the wars of the last century till now) It would be terrible, many young lives would be lost, only to secure position and profits for the Banking families; read multinational corporations. But this time it’s different, absolutely different. Instead of us burying a generation of young men and women we would be burying the whole game, end of meaningful  life on this planet. We will not recover if we continue on this path for much longer. We will be set inexorably on a course of self annihilation, extinction, game over!

The system we have been living under is designed to keep people distracted from the real issues that face us, almost everything you believe is the opposite of the truth, such is the depth of the mendacity and duplicity of the propagandists of main stream media. Those who understand what is happening in the world, that the game has been rigged, and not just recently but for centuries! Those who rig the game and maintain the illusion that all is well, just as any self respecting, psychopathic, con artist would do. Those who have rigged the game realise that this awakening cannot be stopped! they are very afraid! They are few, we are many, 7 billion many!

Those who have opened their eyes “the Awakened” are desperately trying to rouse the others from their comfortable illusion, the alarm bells are ringing louder and louder, yet the masses still slumber in a kind of trance like denial; their minds managed by the talking heads on the TV. Yet, when flood water is spilling over the sand bags people tend to start waking up, the water sloshing around your feet will do that. You will ask questions and your respective government will trot our the same old same old, but now we can find alternative sources of information and gain real deep insight to the cause of our problems and the will to take appropriate action. The world is waking up to the reality of our plight, it is dire, it needs direct action. The powers that be must step aside, they serve no useful purpose. The current system has failed. We must look to a new future, no more psychopathic leaders!

King Aurthur’s round table is an effective format, we have the infrastructure in place. The UN with the right people, qualified people, guiding the process would do it! Moving us away from danger and closer to safety. The only personnel change needed is at the very top of the pyramid, those below have more than likely been bribed, blackmailed, threatened or worse…I’m convinced that most of them would be relieved not to have to live that lie another day!

The New Paradigm

Who’s to say what we do next. Some want 100% death duties across the board to level the playing field. Some want to gather up all the ill gotten gains and share it out! I think both of these ideas hold water although a good deal of the repatriated wealth should be used to sort out the problems with the planet, that is the first priority. Although I would certainly vote for better conditions for the oppressed people of the world as a priority.

Regarding administration of nation states, I personally prefer small government that only handles the following, and only if the situation demands:

  • Boarder controls
  • Legal system, property rights, contracts
  • Large national/international infrastructure projects

All other matters such as:

  • Education
  • Transport
  • Health
  • Trade
  • Infrastructure
  • Policy making

Could and should be dealt with at local level, where people will see a direct return on their tax investment in the form of services provided. Once again, total transparency at all levels of government to guard against the evils of: nepotism, cronyisum, hegemony and the corruption they foster.

End Poverty, (poverty is a considerable cause of environmental damage).

This issue has it’s own heading and for good reason. Justice only truly exists if it applies to everyone, this also go for rights issues that have been trampled by the profit paradigm and need to be address retroactively.

The elites and their puppets in high places can watch with their eyes in the sky, NSA/GCHQ and other alphabet agencies, but they have isolated themselves so completely from reality through centuries of criminal activity that they have no possible role in the future paradigm. They should put on trial, have their wealth confiscated and returned to the public purse. We could keep them in the hotel Guantanamo till we decide how best to rehabilitate them.

Although the elites have preyed on the weak with their psychopathic tendency toward personal power without compassionate restraint we don’t want to replace one bunch of psychopathic controllers with another. Their time is up and the predominance of their mindset will decrease once they are removed from the political, government and media control. Many aspects of media sell psychopathic behavior in terms of excessive violence and explicit sexual material and general cynicism. My feeling is that once this style of media is properly restricted many of our collective metal health problems will also abate as people are encouraged to adopt a more balanced and compassionate, we are what we give, approach to life.

Massive Campaign to repair the planet

  • Pump desalinated water into the deserts and make them flourish
  • Stop all deep water oil drilling
  • Big push to clean energy
  • Release US patents connected with free energy, and anything else we might use.
  • Plant trees, lots of trees, whole battalions of soldiers retrained as nature guardians.
  • Shut down corporations that produce dangerous foods.
  • Bees!!!
  • Take a cold hard scientific look at big phama, take them to task for their many crimes against humanity.
  • Get as many people involved in these projects as logistically possible! It’s our planet, lets learn how to be good custodians of this remarkable world.
  • Your ideas

The standing armies

The standing armies of the world are well equipped and well trained, they are also waking up to the truth! They will play an essential roles in the reset:

  • Protecting the environment from illegal exploitation
  • Managing distribution of resources especially to vulnerable groups until security and stability has been achieved
  • Generally maintaining public order till the basics are in place
  • Your ideas

The possibilities for large groups well trained, disciplined young people are broad, wide and hugely symbolic. Bombs to Bells

Financial System

A financial reset will be necessary. We now know that growth economics are obsolete and destructive. These will be discarded along with usury, debt currencies, fractional reserve banking. Alternative systems of finance are ready to roll out. Money reform Party UK On their site they say about a year, thatś for the UK which is a relatively large economy.

Corporate Employees

As these organisations use compartmentalised structures, the vast majority of employees are just innocently doing their jobs. They can easily be assigned a new positive task. I believe this will be a smooth and happy transition. In fact we will all see great improvements in a short space of time. Substantial reductions in tax burden and the prospect of full employment as the various clean up campaigns get underway, working for the eachothers wellbeing and the wellbeing of the environment will bring great relief to people. Although it is 100% certain that the current system will collapse we still have to keep up the pressure till it topples. With this in mind, I have placed links to the atavist organisations I use below, I am sure there are many more not listed here. I have also placed a link to the Paxman/Brand interview for some mental refreshment.

This is just scratching the surface, please comment!





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